Radio's been replaced by the TV.

It looks like a deer.

Give me some kind of magazines, will you?

It would be really good if you came earlier.

We have far better things to do with our time.

I'd like to get together as soon as possible.

The ceremony was simple.

Who do you think is the tennis GOAT?


Words must be arranged in the proper sequence and the rules of grammar must be followed for a sentence to be accepted as a natural-sounding sentence.

Some believe that spirituality is utterly different from religiosity.

Do you have the tickets?


Martin wrote poison pen letters to most of his neighbors.

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By and by it will become colder again.

They'll be here tonight.

You can't tell anyone this, OK?

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This word means several different things.

He promised me he would come early.

The Internet is limitless.

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What did you ask Leads?

Marsh doesn't have one of these yet.

How are you getting on?

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And what is the problem?

I hate riddles.

What's Russ doing to help?

I'm going to Boston for the holidays.

I still think of him.

Speak loud enough to be heard.

A young girl's body was discovered near Dan's home.


You do ask a lot of questions.

Do we have to lie flat on the ground?

Scotch brand is a type of adhesive tape.

Everyone here knows Kristen.

My sister, wearing her favorite red coat, went out today.


Moore crushed the sheet of paper up into a ball and threw it across the room.

Everybody praised Ken for his great courage.

Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

When the doorbell rang, Dalton closed the book he was reading and got up to see who it was.

Owing to the bad weather, the garden party was called off.

I just don't trust her.

I'm not digging your wells.

In the fourth place, I do not want people to think that I am afraid of anything.

Ross is pretty outgoing, isn't he?


His old company gave him the shaft. But I admire the way he turned bad luck into good and did even better with his own business.

I'm here to help you finish what needs to be done.

I used to work for them.


I owe Blaine 300 dollars.

He did not return her love.

Stacy says he wants to walk home.

I'm new in town.

Just dissolve the tablet in a glass of water and drink.


The doctor told Heather to lower the amount of red meat that he ate.

She is not only well known in India, but is also well known in China.

For some reason, I don't cope well with those recognized as hardliners.

If he comes, tell him to wait for me.

The sum came to 3,000 yen.

My socks are still damp.

I'm not adding you to my list of friends.

You know that the only reason we stand here tonight is because men and women from both of our nations came together to work, and struggle, and sacrifice for that better life.

Tell them what you want to do.

I am new here.

I haven't got enough money to buy it.

Barry is funnier than Chip.

List has time to spare.


Tell Panacea not to do that anymore.

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It's too early to decide.


My boss is very nice.

I hope you enjoy your vacation.

Am I allowed to eat anything?


Many a young girl likes the singer.

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I told Bobbie that I wasn't tired.

The photos are taken by a pro, so they'll turn out well.

This makes no sense to me.

Miss Baker knew that the young man would have to leave very soon, so she decided to ask him to move his car a bit, so that she could park hers in the proper place for the night before going to bed.

I'd like to sleep late tomorrow.

We advanced to the finals.

There are 1,000 English words written down in this vocabulary book, and they all have to be memorized by July.

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My dog was hit by a car.

I didn't know that soccer was such a dangerous sport.

Do you have any vacancies?

It should be fun.

Linley was puzzled by the question.

Kaneko was so stressed out at her new job that she had a nervous breakdown.

I got my pay yesterday.

It makes me feel dirty.

Alison cooked dinner for Leila.

Since the bus had been delayed, we had a long wait in the rain.

On a beach in the south of France, some women were returning from a swim and sunbathing topless. Although at first a little surprised, having come from a country with more conservative customs, Laurence decided that if men didn't have to wear a shirt, it was only fair that women shouldn't have to either.


Were you able to talk to her?

He was absorbed in reading when I visited him.

Tokyo is in Japan.

Where do you guys live?

There were flies everywhere.

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My mother made cookies this morning.


Her approval is important to me.

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She remembers her long journey.


There are a lot of beautiful songs on these records.


I attended his classes and learned how to draw.

My house is in a village.

The fruit is still too sour to eat.

The files are missing.

They spoke to each other on the phone.


Do you know any good Korean restaurants.

Do you know when he'll learn to drive?

Tell me what you know.


I didn't keep Raanan waiting.

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Douglas looked to his left.

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I'll never forgive him.

He took over the business after his father died.

Piete can't be all that bad.

My eyes watered.

She disappeared with no documents.

I live about an hour from the station.

Donal has always been nice to me.

Our principal wanted to admit Bob to our school.

International trade is vital for healthy economies.

I didn't want to do it, but I had to.

It was a huge disappointment.

I'm bad at writing sentences.

Where does that Jayant person live?

I'd just like to give you a little history about our project.

I could not eat another bite.

Has Anna gone insane?

There's no place to hide.

Your cell phone rang a minute ago.

The only thing you can learn from history is that you can't learn anything from history.


Don't do anything against your will.

She talks too aloofly.

It is a task beyond my power.


Carrots are good for your eyes.

The stirrup is a bone in the middle ear, between the anvil and the inner ear.

All of my relatives are taller than me.

Apes are intelligent.

The radio station broadcasts a very strong signal.


She treated him for a broken leg.

They're students.

Mikael is almost asleep.

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Wait for me in the meeting room.

I'm sure Pieter won't mind.

Ramesh's appointment ran late.

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Thanks for sticking around till the end of the concert.


The delegates voted six times.


I just hope I can help.


Monty bought the house next door to me three years ago.

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I must finish my homework in an hour.


Why didn't I die?


The school stands about one mile off.

I lived in France for some time.

You don't go to school on Sunday, do you?


I am crazy for him!


This is a valuable addition to our collection.

Sound familiar?

If a wife commands, a house knows no order.

Jong started crying again.

Do animals have souls?

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I think this is fair.

He removed even this one.

They broke into laughter.

Are they any good?

Sorry, we didn't mean to make you feel left out.